Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Playing Fields Support

Barnsley MP Jeff Ennis has supported a government scheme to protect school playing fields. Mr Ennis said the new rules means the sale of playing fields must now be an absolute last resort and that, if a sale is allowed, the money must go on new outdoor facilities.

He said School fields are the training grounds for tomorrow's Olympic athletes and national sporting stars. We can't guarantee future success without protecting our kid's sports pitches and facilities.


Blogger Gypo said...

Is Mr Ennis an idiot?
I think you will agree it is an inflamatory title to this message. However not one without foundation.

I have had dealings with Mr Ennis recently regarding a planning matter. It would seem from reading a letter he has submitted to the chief planning officer at BMBC that Mr Ennis is:-
a) ill informed of his facts (and is therefore an idiot)
b) has been informed of the facts and is ignoring them (as an idiot might do)
c) has been informed of the facts but does not fully understand them (idiot material)

I would be interested to hear Mr Ennis's reply to confirm whether or not he is in fact an idiot. I feel this would be beneficial not just to myself but to the constituancy in general.

Thank you in anticipation,


23 October 2004 at 00:55  

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